Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bits and Pieces

So far this week has been all about shopping. I'm trying to buy with the budget and the environment in mind but it can be quite hard to put the brakes on the spending with all that Christmas spirit happening out there.

Yesterday I headed down to Castle Hill (Northwest Sydney) to catch up with a girlfriend at the big shopping centre there. I was in the carpark by 9.30am and I tell you, I was lucky to find a car space -it was that crowded. I told my girlfriend that is the last catch up till after the silly season.

Back home and as the weather has been so lovely we've been outside a lot.

And what did I spy in amongst my supposed "potted colour" - a rogue lettuce. This picture explains why I will never be a gardener. The potted colour is on its last legs and the lettuce which I've paid no attention to is going great guns. In fact I hate to admit this but for about a week there I actually thought the lettuce was a small hibiscus.

One thing I can do quite well is bake. Here is a recipe I actually made up :: banana, choc chip and sultana muffins. I wanted to use up the overripe bananas, the last of the choc chips and about a handful of sultanas lying in the bottom of the container. They were so yummy - especially straight out of the oven.

Bill and I are going to do the final push this summer with the backyard. It really is just sheer laziness on our part that it is not already finished. This is the nice view of what we have done.

Now, I know it's not going to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon but it's plain and practical which is what we were trying to achieve.

And this is the dog's breakfast end.

Obviously all that rubbish has to be carted away. On the right of the pic you can see where the old tin shed starts. We'll put in a nice little cottage looking wooden one and then put down some floating timber decking. Sounds easy right?

Other than that I'm just trying to get the last of the Xmas presents purchased.

I think I have 4 to go. I've just had a last minute acceptance for my Chrissy party so I'll have to add another couple of kids presents to the list but nothing major.

I hope to have it all done by 30th November.

How are your Christmas plans coming along?


Emma Clark Independent Stampin' Up!® demonstrator said...

HOW GOOD ARE YOU!!!!!!!!! I have no presents at all. I m thinking I might end up with all the crazy people on christmas eve eeekkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care

Libby said...

Well done on being so organised for xmas. WOW, I am impressed. I got out my binder but that was as far as I got :-).


Vanessa said...

Girls, I hate to tell you but the shops are CRAZY now!!!!!

Debbie said...

The shops sure are crazy and I am trying to stay out of them as much as possible:0)