Saturday, November 6, 2010

On the Agenda

Whoever coined the term "sleepover" was obviously trying to be ironic.

Last night Rhianna had a friend to sleepover and I can tell you - not a lot of sleep was going on - by anybody!!!!

They finally fell asleep around half past ten and were up at the crack of dawn. And I do mean at the crack of dawn - 5.30am.

Bill was finally persuaded to take the pool cover off this morning and of course the girls could not wait to jump in.

Hypothermia anyone??????

Of course any sleepover worth it's salt involves much cleaning up to be done on the Monday morning.

Let's see -:: craft materials all over the place - check.
Wet towels and cossies everywhere- check.
Every toy known to man pulled out and played with for 30 seconds before being left - check.

As I wander around the house this Sunday afternoon I see very clearly what I'll be doing tomorrow morning.

Later on the girls found this darling little birds nest on the ground. We've added it to our tortured willow nature tree and popped a little crocheted Etsy bird into it.

So darling I had to show you.

Also on the agenda tomorrow is a trip back to the gym.
Now, I used to be with this mob around 12 months ago and got sick of it. However they have just left this offer in my letterbox -a 4 week start up special. Even if I only go for the 4 weeks it will be something - I may even lose a few kilos for Christmas.

And finally, during the week I intend to knock up a few quick summer skirts for Miss R. I have some material that needs to be used up and I think with some little tank tops these will be quite cute. I got the pattern off One pretty Thing.

I've also got two coffee mornings booked in.
One with my best friend Natalie who has just returned from 2 months overseas. I am envisioning a lot of photo envy over that morning coffee. And the second one is with another dear friend Linda - we try to fit in a couple of outings together every school term and we have been sadly remiss so far this term with my working and her putting her house up for sale.

Such lovely mundane things to look forward :: such a nice change of pace from the last few weeks.


Libby said...

Don't you love wet towels everywhere? Sounds like you've got a lovely week coming up - except for the cleaning & tidying - I'll be joining you in that :-).


Vanessa said...

I so hate the wet towels Libby - especially when they have been left for a couple of hours on the lovely bedroom carpet.