Monday, November 8, 2010

Starting to Love that Postie

I have to admit that I love getting mail. Especially anything that looks remotely like a card or invitation.

But today our local postie outdid himself.

Firstly a package from Book Depository. Now, I know that technically I have ordered this stuff but it's still so exciting to actually receive it - all the way from the UK.

I'd seen this book advertised in Rhianna's Bookclub brochures for about $13 but I knew I could do better then that. I think I paid $5 for it through BD and that includes postage all the way from England. What a bargain.

Can't wait to start on some of the projects. Watch this space.

Then there was the surprise - two Gold Class Tickets. Think we won these but not sure from who.

I do tend to enter everything going and sometimes I forget what I have entered and stuff turns up.

Trying to talk Bill into playing hooky one day this week so we can head off for some serious adult time. Alone. Without. Children.

And here is the banana cake I was rabbiting on about yesterday.

It used to be called David's Banana Cake after my brother in law who devised the recipe. Quite the clever relative isn't he? But then he left my sister for another (much younger) woman and now we call it Bastards Banana Cake. I think it's a much catchier name personally.

Loving this staying at home lark...........


Debbie said...

Wish my postman bought surprises like that( well he does sometimes)
That bastard banana cake looks so yummy (we might need the recipe):0)

Libby said...

That book looks great. We've got a few of the Usbourne cooking and making books. How wonderful to win some gold class tickets! We booked to go see the new harry potter in a few weeks in gold class - can't wait.


Vanessa said...

Recipe to follow Deb.