Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Folder

I would love to take credit for this fabulous idea but I have to admit that I stole it from Libby at Life is a Journey not a Destination. I loved it so much I made myself one straight away.

Here is the front cover - made from recycled brown paper and some old Christmas ribbon I had. I was going to buy a folder and then I found a perfectly good one in the cupboard.

First couple of pages in the folder have the next three months in calendar form so I can plan activities, shopping assaults and social activities.

I popped January 2011 in here as well so I can start to plan some holiday activities for Rhianna and hopefully some holidays too.

One of the sections I have tabbed is a home made gift section. I had this stuff floating all over the house so its good to collate it all in the one place. This is also where I am compiling the Xmas gift list for my family and friends.

Next section is the Christmas craft section. Now as I am a teacher I have oodles of this stuff so I just put in a few things that Rhianna and I might actually get to. And we'll be using up all the craft stuff we already have.

More craft

Next section is the Christmas food and menus section. We are having Christmas with Bill's family this year and I am bringing a salad, ham and a dessert so plenty of scope to be creative there.

Then we are having Boxing day at home (Hoorah :: our first year at home in this house) so we will be doing plenty of seafood as we'll do a BBQ by the pool.

I've included a section of low to no cost holiday activities for January. I'll be going up to Mum and Dad's on the coast for a couple of weeks to have a bit of a beach holiday with Rhianna but the rest of the time I'll be looking for cheap activities to keep boredom at bay.

And that's it. A lot of organisation for a grand total of $0. Hopefully the folder will keep my head screwed on the right way this Christmas crazy season. Thanks Libby.


Libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

Your folder looks great. It certainly makes things a lot easier having them all in one place and gives you a jump start the next year.


Debbie said...

They are a great idea and will come in so handy over the next couple of months

Vanessa said...

Thanks ladies. Yes Libby I am looking forward to using it year after year.