Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homemade Christmas Gift

I haven't been too good lately trying to live the non-consumerist lifestyle. But.... it is leading into Christmas and there are just too many yummy things to look at and to buy. Oh dear....

But here I have some homemade goodness. It's a Christmas present for Rhianna so shh....

Firstly, I bought this multi frame from target. I think I got it around February on sale for $10.

I promised myself no new scrap papers till I had used up existing stock. Unfortunately, the only papers I have left are pretty uninspiring. But it doesn't matter too much for this project and you'll see why later.

Next some clip art downloaded from the internet. Of course I happened to run out of coloured ink right at that moment but I soldiered on, figuring I could colour in the clipart myself.

Then I printed out some titles of activities Rhianna likes to do.

Put it all together to make 5 "vouchers" which are then framed into the ummm...frame!

I've chosen activities that we were likely to do throughout the Christmas Holidays anyway.

When Rhianna wants to use up a "voucher" she can take it out of the frame and give it to me. We then toddle off and do the activity.

Whilst doing the activity...say, bowling I take a lovely photo of the two of us doing that activity. That photo then goes back in the frame in place of the voucher.

When all the vouchers are used up and replaced by photos of the activities, she will have a frame full of Christmas 2010 memories of her and her Mum.

Then hopefully it can be hung up on her bedroom wall.

So, as you can see the actual vouchers don't have to be too fancy as they will get discarded.

I really enjoyed making this gift and it only cost me $10. I know doing the activities will cost me an arm and a leg but like I said earlier, I would have done these activities with Rhianna through the holidays anyway.

I really hope she enjoys this.


Busy mum of 3 said...

What a lovely idea, so creative especially putting the relevant photo in the frame. Loved your last post too, with all my heart and soul I cherish weekends like that.

Vanessa said...

Thanks Busy Mum.

Libby said...

What a fabulous idea. I'm sure Rhianna will love it.