Sunday, November 28, 2010

Work, work and more work........

Sorry for the long break between posts.

I think most of the teachers at Rhianna's school have hit the wall with exhaustion as I covered a lot of classes last week. I even had the chance to teach Rhianna's class which was interesting (and of course, super exciting for Rhianna).

It's great working at your own childs school as you get the inside track on everything that is happening there :: who's teaching what grades next year, who is taking leave for the year, which teachers are leaving or retiring etc.

And luckily, the school is a nice small one without many behaviour management problems which makes most classes a delight to teach.

Bill decided that as I have been spending so much time with children lately that he would give me a child free day on Sunday. He packed up the MG with Miss Rhianna on Sunday and they took off for the day. They didn't get home till 7pm so it was a fantastically long day for me to have some time to myself. Here they are ready to go.......

The first thing I did after making a cup of tea was to dive into some quality (and not so quality) magazine reading. As I've been working so much these have been piling up unread in the laundry. The large stash of Frankie on the top are a bulk lot I bought off Ebay.
(Such retro bliss.....)

On Saturday we just had a quiet day at home as Rhianna had her Christmas concert through the week and also a Games Day on Friday at school (in horrid heat) and was exhausted. And, as I was working that day in the same horrid heat I was a tad exhausted too.

We started some very simple Chrissy craft - drawing was about about as enthusiastic as I could get. But the pictures of the reindeers turned out quite nicely.

We also started the decorating. One of my favourite parts of Christmas. Thinking we might need a new tree next year as this one had quite an unhealthy lean to it when we put it up.

Well I did tell you that not a lot has been happening here..............

Hope you all have a great week.

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Busy mum of 3 said...

It's getting to be that time of year isn't it. I was just looking at our calander for the coming month, and was gobsmacked to see how full it is, I've gone into panic mode a bit. A child free much as we love them...heaven!