Friday, November 12, 2010

Higgelty Piggelty Weekend

After quite a busy week for our family we decided to spend the start of this weekend just hanging around the house. Rhianna got off to an early morning start.....

We needed a few art and craft supplies so we showered and dressed to head out. Miss R decided to wear her dad's trilby to the shops - oh, she's a fashion leader this one.....(Ahem)

I was quite pleased with this first skirt I've ever managed to make. I only had a printed out pattern and it actually fits my daughter and it cost me nothing as the material is a scrap. Can you tell how proud I am? I'll be knocking up a sequined wedding dress next.....or not.

Then onto the business end of the day - craft, craft and more craft. First a swim in the pool as it's 35 degrees out there today and then onto Rhianna's choice of crafts - paper boxes. Here's how it looked in the book.....

And here is our efforts. Not too shabby.

A close up. This is how the box is supposed to look. It doesn't have a "lid" as such. We are thinking we might get some double sided Xmas paper and make some goody boxes for our Christmas party this year as we have quite a few kids coming (Lord help me) and it's nice to give them something a little personal when they go home.

And finally Rhianna did a bit of craft on her (mostly) own. She set up a vet store in the loungeroom complete with a cage where the patients wait their turn for medical treatment.

We even had a latch so the little furries couldn't get away while they were waiting. Kept her occupied for 2 hours and didn't cost a cent.

Well today might have been the frugal day but I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be the all expenses day as we head out to the city for some culture - pics and story tomorrow.
Stay Happy.

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Libby said...

Firstly, I think that hat is gorgeous on Rhianna :-). Too cute! Sounds like a lovely day - relaxing, yet productive. Those boxes turned out great and I love the vet waiting area. Christy would love something like that. Hope you have a great Sunday.