Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back into a Routine
Well the Summer school holidays are officially over and this morning Miss Rhianna excitedly got her uniform on and demanded to be taken to school - pity it was only 7am

From school, it was straight to the charity shop. I hope to make this a fortnightly event until I have fully decluttered the house. This was this mornings stash. This is my clutter and my girlfriend Julie's clutter combined. We sort through each other's clutter before we hand it over to the charity shops in case my clutter is her new treasure and visa versa.

Then to the local fruit store. I am trying to buy local as much as possible but even in the fruit shop you have to check labels. Now, some of the oranges were from Orange (funny that) which I consider local but some of the others were from SA. You have to be careful.

A bit of crafting at lunch time. I chose an easy project that took me just half an hour. I made another pillow from an old jumper for my son's bedroom. Dead easy.

Then finally into the garden. I hung these pots by the pool as the possums won't come near them. At the moment I have strawberries in them and they have been a bit pitiful. The fruit is nice but only about a handful of strawberries a week. Today I will give them a tidy up and a good water.

Then my day is over and I pick up my little cherub from school to hear all about Year One.

Hope you've had a nice relaxing day also.


libby said...

Your day could almost have been my day :-). I came downstairs just after 6am to find Christy already dressed to shoes ready for school. I also dropped off stuff at the Salvos and bought some fruit :-). Unfortunatley I didn't get to get any crafting. I run the uniform shop at school and the big order I was expecting came in so I went up to unpack that. However, that means tomorrow is free from some scrapbooking :-).
Gorgeous photo of Rhianna - she looks so cute but cheeky :-).


emmaharveyclark said...

How cute does miss R look in that photo!!!!! and thankyou for giving me the motivation to declutter, I started with the girls room and ended with 5 bags for the charity shop.

Anonymous said...

What a cute back to school photo.

I bought some vegies and herbs to plant when my daughter went back to school.

I might hang mine on the fence too, as I am worried that possums or other wildlife might stop buy and eat my crop!

Vanessa said...

yes, NCG , hanging them on the fence stops everything from getting them.