Sunday, January 17, 2010

Present Giving

Well its that time of the year when the Christmas trees are packed away and all the new gifts have been assimilated into the house. Its the school holidays, so not many kids parties happening at this time. But soon the kids will be back at school and it will not be long before the invites start arriving in the bottom of the school bag.

One of my challenges this year is to cut down on bought gifts. Now, I have 2 reasons for doing this. The first is that I am over paying $20 for every party we go to. One weekend we had 3 parties to go to. So its gets very expensive. The other is that I feel so bad buying more plastic rubbish to fill up other people's houses with.

So this year I intend to really think about my gift giving. I'd like to make most of what we give this year and really give things that don't create a lot of excess packaging and "filler" for the houses they are going to.

The litlle bags pictured above were made for Christmas this year. They are made from cardstock and paper and a few embellishments. The maroon one was for my Mum and the pink and green one was for Rhianna. I filled the insides with lollies or in Rhianna's case a couple of kinder surprise chocolates. I love ideas like this one. And I hope to create a whole folder of ideas to use for when birthdays have to be celebrated.


Anonymous said...

Love the bags!
How clever!

Can you do a post with photos showing step by step how you made them?

Non Consumer Girl

Vanessa said...

Somebaody showed me and she got the insructions off the web. I'll find out the site and post it here for you.