Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Fun
Rhianna and I are both a bit tired today so we decided just to hang out around the house and get into a couple of projects we had been talking about for a while.

I had this very large nightie from when I was pregnant with Rhianna. I loved the pattern of the fabric but it's synthetic and not very comfy for bed.

I'd splurged last year and bought a French Country nightie made from cotton so sheer, you felt like you were going to put your finger through it. I decided to make the nightie its own little pj bag for protection.

Old nightie

French Country nightie and bag

Of course, then Rhianna wanted a bag for her little nightie.

Rhianna had seen a project for apple printing she wanted to try. We had great fun printing with the apple halves and with some Gardenia leaves from beside the front door. We then decided to make some placemats for her friends at school. After gluing them onto A4 paper we laminated them. We are calling them "Back to school placemats"

Hope you are having a nice weekend with your loved ones too.


Angela said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pajama bags!

I suppose you used a sewing machine. I don't sew, so it's all mysterious and magic to me! What a great skill to have.

libby said...

What gorgeous bags!!!! You are just so inventive and inspiring. I need to clean up my sewing room - currently full of Christmas "stuff" so I can get back to sewing.


Vanessa said...

Thanks Angela. I did use a sewing machine but you could easily sew by hand.

Vanessa said...

Thanks Libby.
Yes, I had a break over the Xmas holidays and the sewing room as such is in a mess too but I figured if I waited till everything was tidy I'd never do anything. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the bags! What a great idea. :-)

Now if I could only learn how to sew...:-)


Angela said...

Hi Vanessa-

I gave you a blog award- come check it out -

Vanessa said...

Thanks Angela. What an honour. I am thrilled.

Angela said...

Ha- I didn't realize you'd already been named- congrats! That must be good luck. That's what I've decided anyway, since two people named me in one day- so nice.