Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Retro Fun and Crafts.

You can tell its nearing the end of the Xmas School holidays when inspiration and funds start to run low. Time for some retro fun and an easy craft.

This will be a blast from the past for most people reading this blog. The old paddle pop sticks around the tin can trick. We have pencils, crayons and textas coming out of our ears around here so another container is always welcome. The sticks cost $2 and the tin was from the recycling basket.

We are mad recyclers in this house and we also love our diet coke which is a great combination for making a home made ten pin bowling set.

We washed out the bottles, wrapped with some undesirable scrapbooking paper and then Rhianna decorated with stickers. To make it a little more interesting Rhianna has added a points value to each bottle so we can score. Great fun, no cost and little fingers entertained for an hour or so.

Hope you and your kids are enjoying the holidays as much as we are.


Vickie said...

Hello Vanessa! Thanks for your kind comments on my little farmhouse! I've enjoyed reading your blog this evening. I went back several posts. You have a very cute little Mini-Me and I think you're doing well to teach her and let her learn by having fun. She'll be way ahead of her other friends if you keep that up. AND be independent and self-sufficient. I applaud your desire to live a simply life, too. It's what I'm thinking of, too, except I will have alot more junk than you! Lots of it is hand-me-downs, and I wanted the cottage look. But I have the same ideas as you about living simply and frugally! Good to meet you, dear!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Vicki. I have read a lot of your blog today also. Its fabulous.