Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Day to Myself

The good news was that DH had decided to take the kids sailing for the day. The bad news was that it was 45 degrees and not much fun outdoors. Now, in years gone by, a day to myself would have meant a day at the local Westfield, but with my new save money mindset in place I content myself with a day at home.

Firstly I get the horrible chores out of the way. Luckily (or unluckily I suppose) I can still iron in air conditioned comfort.

Would you believe there is 2 hours worth of ironing in that basket?

Next, a reward for all my hard work. Morning tea and a movie.

Then a little bit of pampering, after all it is "my" day. A quick pedi by the pool. And then a swim. Bliss......

I've now just realised it's the perfect opportunity to do some more decluttering. Especially as DH is gone and I can ransack his side of the bedroom as well. I do love a tidy bedroom.


I thought about riding the exercise bike for half an hour...... but no it was not to be........

Maybe I need to Ebay that. It is kinda large for an ornament and that's about all it does.

This is the result of all that decluttering. This is the recycling corner. Packed to capacity with lots of useless crap that I am ashamed to say I bought into the house.

The it was time for a shower and into bed. What a lovely peaceful day. But I can't wait for the gang to get back.


libby said...

What a fabulous day! Sounds perfect to me :-). A bit of housework, a bit of decluttering and plenty of pampering :-). A lovely day just pottering around is my favourite kind of day. Like you in years gone by I would have been off to the shopping center....but no more :-).


Vanessa said...

Yes Libby, I am loving my dec luttering. It makes me feel so light..Now, if only I could "declutter" a few kilos too. LOL