Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best friends

I was not the sort of girl who had lots of best friends through school. I had friends, sure, but no do or die best friend that stuck by me through everything. And when I left high school, I pretty much left all the people I attended with behind me as well.

In fact, it wasn't till University that I finally made lasting friendships. (Hi Holly and Therese)

Now, I have 3 best friends and I was thinking today how very different the three of them are.

This is Linda. Linda is the friend you call when you've been stuck at home with your kids all day and you're ready to hang yourself from the rafters. Not that she'll help (no, she has her own 2 devils, thank you very much), but she will comiserate with you, support you and offer you some sturdy rope she has in her garage that will do the job nicely. My blackest friend.....I love her dearly.

Then there is Natalie. Natalie is the friend you call when your house has burnt to the ground. She has the biggest house of anyone I know and is sure to take us all in (at least for the night). She'll know the names and numbers of three reputable builders to rebuild your house and while you're waiting to move back in she'll whisk you away to Tuscany for some "proper" wine and cheese. My cultured friend...I love her dearly.

And this is Julie (with glass raised). Julie is the friend you invite to every party. Firstly, she'll always turn up. She'll always look fabulous and she'll always bring a dessert to die for. Julie and I hold each others hand through daily life: kids first days at school, car pooling, recipe swapping and general whining about husbands. The friend I rely on..I love her dearly.

I am so lucky to have all the friends I have but these three ladies are the ants pants of friends.


Patti~~~ said...

You have a lovely blog, Vanessa. I look forward to reading more.

I'm a fellow Down-to-Earth reader and saw your post in the Forum. I'm glad I stopped by.

I've started my own blog, too--- just this month, so only a few posts at present.

Blessings, Patti

Vanessa said...

Thanks you Patti for taking the time to look at my blog. I'll check yours out.

Kez said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Vanessa. I've always gone for quality rather than quantity in friends too :)

Vanessa said...

Yes Kez and it took me a long time to find quality believe me.