Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sustainable Shopping

With the weather rainy and pretty dreary up here in the mountains, it seemed the perfect time for some sustainable shopping. We left the house with the proviso that anything we bought must be second hand. First stop, the antique shops.

Here we are at the cutest little antique store in the mountains. Rhianna bought an old Golden Book and I bought an antique cross stitch tablecloth.

The tablecoth from Robyn's Nest and a Toulouse Latrec Biography from the Blue Mist Cafe.

After 5 antique shops we are in Wentworth Falls and the home of our favourite cafe - The Blue Mist Cafe. We love this cafe because it combines our 2 favourite loves - good food and books from floor to rafters (which are second hand and for sale- lovely!!!!)

Rhianna decides that yes, pancakes are a lunchtime food.
(and no, I don't need to brush my hair to go out in public)

Rhianna and I nab a seat by the window to people watch.

Who has time to eat when there are so many books at such cheap prices?

Rhianna realises that help may be required to finish the pancakes.

Fully saited, we head home having spent around $50 on some good books and a lovely old tablecloth to add to my vintage linen collection.

What did you get up to today?


libby said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I love the idea of buying second hand but op shop just aren't my thing - don't enjoy looking through trying to find the right thing/size/etc. Maybe antique shops might be more me. Next time I see one (don't have any locally) I'll be sure to go in for a visit.


Laura said...

I love antique stores - don't get to many but love them anyways. Pst tell Rhianna that yes pancakes can be lunch even dinner food and the other day I (43 years old) went out without brushing my hair. Luckily I pile it on my head and it really didn't show.

Vanessa said...

That's the trick laura to make it look like you planned it to look that messy. Good job.