Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Small Change

This year I've decided to start making small changes to become more sustainable. One of the first changes I have made is to move away from disposable products as much as I can. I bought these handmade dish cloths from Made It, which is an Australian website that sells handmade items. These dish cloths are 100% cotton and they wear really well. I love them so much I just ordered some more. I only use one a day and then throw it in the wash. I hope never to buy Chux again. Next month its time to get rid of the paper towel.

Handbag Voyuerism

Libby from Life is a Journey and Not a Destination asks what is in our handbags? Well, mine is very boring I have to say. But I embraced the challenge as it was a good excuse for a cleanout.

Handbag in the background is brown leather. I love brown bags as they go with everything and can do Summer and Winter.

Keys are on a blue lanyard as I've found they are easier to find this way and I can also throw them around my neck if I need to.

I have a small date diary as when I run into people they often say what are you doing on such and such a day and without my calendar there I have no idea. This allows me to answer people on the spot.

Nurofen and quickeze. What can I say, I hate to suffer.....

Nail file....obvious

Wallet and phone....obvious

Breath mints for after a garlicky lunch out.

Wipes...for Rhianna.

Little black wallet....for those girlie things you (or your girlfriend) may need when in the middle of a good shopping day out.

Tape measure... I never go into Spotlight without it.


I might think of something unusual to put in there in case I am ever hit by a bus and they check my bag. I'd just like one person, even if it is a paramedic, to think I had an interesting life.

Any suggestions????????


Anonymous said...

Sorry, no suggestion for the unusual item.

But, congratulations on your small changes. I think that's the best way to change your lifestyle. :-) You may want to check out (she's located in the US). She makes and sells a lot of different handmade items for the household.


PS - I have an award for you. Come on over and pick it up whenever you get a chance. :-)

libby said...

Love the peak into your bag - thanks for joining in.

Way to go on the cloths - I use some enjo and some knitted ones. Anything but chux - so yucky now. I even made my Mum buy a proper cloth on holidays when I saw she'd put chux in the trolley.

I keep some old linen serviettes to use instead of paper towel. I only use paper towel in the case of dog vomit :-) so it tends to last a long time.


Vanessa said...

Great idea about the linen serviettes Libby. I waste a lot of paper towel on our beloved dog.