Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Crafty Morning
I have met the loveliest and cleverest Mum through Rhianna's school. Her name is Emma and there is not much she can't make with some cardstock and sticky dots. This morning she held a bit of a craft tutorial for myself and another girlfriend, Julie.

We made this organiser. Its all made with 2 pieces of cardstock and 1 piece of contrasting paper. So easy. I can see this being on my Home Made present list for 2010.

This is the outside.
On the inside there is room for some post-it notes, a note pad and in the top left hand corner a mini calendar will be glued (when I download one). The ribbon ties it all together and helps the pen stay in the middle of the folder. How cute.

Thnaks Emma, you're the best!!!!


Debbie said...

That is such a great idea.....make great presents

Vanessa said...

Yep all the ladies I know might be getting one of these this year.