Friday, February 26, 2010

Food Waste Friday

The lovely Angela over at My Year Without Spending has inspired me to start Food Waste Friday. This is where I have to go through my fridge, pantry and freezer and get out any food that is quite obviously past its use by date - in other words - waste.

What is the purpose of this?

Well, I have blogged previously that Australians toss about 25 % of all food they bring into the house. Not only is this terrible for your wallet but its awful for the environment. When food is put into landfill and begins to break down it realises a gas called methane which gets released into the environment. Methane is a nasty and if its not floating around for us to breathe in, its heading up to attack the ozone layer.

So eating everything you bring into your house is a step in the right direction in preventing the formation of this gas.

Here is my waste for Friday.

I have some shallots - which I just couln't figure out how to use them up and some roasted pumpkin which I cooked to snack on and then couldn't get through it.

The pumpkin goes into my worm farm container, which is a container I keep on my bench with scraps for the worms, (post on that coming later) but the worms won't eat onions so they have to go in the bin.

Do you know how much food waste goes into your bin every week?


libby said...

Vanessa - you need to get some chickens then you never have food waste :-). Between the dogs and chickens we throw out very little food - only the odd thing that has gone moldy (often before it's use by date).


Vanessa said...

But I have a teenage son..there should be no waste..LOL

Anonymous said...

My dad has told me that when you have a bunch of shallots and don't use them all, remporarily "plant" the rest in a pot filled with potting soil, and they will stay fresh until you need some.

Non Consumer Girl

Vanessa said...

NCG - What a great tip and I have a planting spot just outside my back door. Thanks for the info.