Monday, February 22, 2010

Meatless Monday
I picked up my game a little this week for Meatless Monday. I had a bit of a think through the week and managed to produce this - Ricotta and baked vegetable canneloni. Very yum.

And for dessert, one of my closest friends, Julie brought me this little box of chocolates for doing her a very small favour. There was actually more than 3 in the box but Julie stayed a while and we had some coffee and well, we ate most of them...... But if you are ever in the Blue Mountains, pay this store a visit. You won't be sorry.


libby said...

What can I say - yum and yum :-).


lala2074 said...

When we stayed in the Blue Mountains last year, we found a lovely chocolate store called Josophan's in Leura.
There is something delightfully luxurious about a small piece of handmade chocolate made with with the best ingredients.

Vanessa said...

Oh absolutely NCG. The truffles are exquisite. The most devine chocolate taste ever. And I am more than qualified to judge:)

Debbie said...

That looks so yummy and chocolate ..... say no more