Thursday, February 25, 2010

Learning to Crochet

Julie and I started our learn to crochet class last night. It did not get off to a great start with us getting lost on the way there and turning up late. Never mind, Marg was still more than happy to see us and away we went. Apparently the other members of the class had cancelled so it was just Julie and I.

We had decided on the phone that we would start with the standard "granny square" but after 5 minutes of trying to teach us this, Marg declared that we were actually below beginner level (oops) and had to start right back at the very beginning with something called chain stitch.

Well, we got the hang of chain stitch pretty quickly and I was feeling very chuffed with myself until Marg decided we had to move onto treble stitch. This was when I realised that chain stitch was like learning to put on your seatbelt when you take driving lessons. Not even close to doing the real thing.

Two hours later and after much frustration, I managed to produce the small amount of crochet you see below. I had a headache, my eyes hurt and I HATED crochet!!!!!

Julie did much better than me as she has crocheted in her previous life as a 10 year old and it all came back to her pretty quickly. I was left to struggle on with wool twisted around every finger but the right ones and wondering if it was too late to start the embroidery class.

However, in the cool, calm light of the morning I have decided to return next week and give it maybe a few more lessons before I throw in the towel - I mean granny rug!


libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

It does get easier. The few rows after the chain are the hardest. My first project (and second project) was a big blanket - just row after row after row. I did try a granny square once and need to work more of them - put it off because I need to concentrate and not do it while watching TV :-).


Vickie said...

Hi Vanessa - I tried it once or twice when I was young. I didn't get it. I'm afraid mine would look much worse than yours! Just practice, practice, practice!

Debbie said...

It looks pretty good to me Vanessa. For a first try you have done well and it will all become so much easier with practice. Do persevere cause crocheting is a good craft to learn and all stitches are basically chain, treble and double crochet.
Good luck next week

Vanessa said...

Thanks ladies. I really do want to give up because it didn't come easily but I will stick it out for at least a month.

Michelle said...

good start! bring it with you on Sunday and we can crochet like old ladies!! :)

River Glorious said...

Very good first attempt, very good. Your stitches are starting to look more even. You'll get there. :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks Michelle and River Glorious. I have had another little go since the class and got a lot less frustrated with it.

Jane said...

I can't crochet to save my life! My mum tried to teach me again last year, but we gave up when she just about fell off the couch laughing at me.
I am quite uncoordinated, so I think I'll stick to sewing and leave the crochet to the grandmothers in my family.