Sunday, February 21, 2010

Going Vintage

In my journey to become greener and also to save money I have come to appreciate vintage goods. Besides loving the whole "look" of old things, I can appreciate the workmanship that went into things.

Some of the items I have come from the 1930's. That's over 70 years old and still going strong. It's hard to imagine something from IKEA lasting that long.

These are my vintage bakelite cannisters. It took me two years to find some on Ebay that were in mint condition. My Mum and Grandmother each had a set of these and I love to remember days spent baking with both of them when I look at this set. The cabinet they are housed in is a 1940's dresser which we picked up in an antique store in Hazelbrook.

My vintage tablecloth collection (it's in its early days). I'm also collecting and using linen napkins.
Some of this crockery and glassware is very old and some is just from Spotlight and I liked the pattern. The depressionware pink glasses were a find from an op shop for $4.

This gorgeous eiderdown is from a shop in Springwood called Frou Frou. It's full of vintage wares and my girlfriend and I spend a lot of time in here ohhhing and ahhing over things. The shawl is from a flea market and the vintage bag from another vintage store in the mountains.

I got this old fashioned lamp off Ebay for $20. The shade was an aqua colour so I bought some fabric that matched my home a bit more and recovered it. You might think its a bit naff but it really suits my house.

I am absolutely loving collecting vintage stuff and plan to do a lot more this year.


libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

Finally something we don't have in common :-). My style is definitely more modern but I am starting to incorporated more homemade in our home. Having said that my tastes are still evolving and I do like a lot more antique styles than I used to.


lala2074 said...

My mum had a set of those bakelite canisters too!
Non Consumer Girl

Vanessa said...

Libby, once you hold a little vintage handbag in your hand, you never go back :)

NCG - My Mum actually hates them and asks me how I can have those hideous things in my house. They remind her of the 50's when her and Dad were dirt poor. I didn't have the heart to tell her I paid almost $200 for them :)

Debbie said...

I love vintage too and keep an eye out wheever I go