Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a "Home" Day
A couple of days through the work week I clear all my errands and appointments and have what I call a "home" day. This is where I drop Rhianna at school and come straight home again. Then I don't leave the house until 2.45pm to pick her up.

During that time I might do some chores, a bit of craft or sewing and definately some reading.

Here is what I got up to today.....

I had some things out ready to put on Ebay. One of the items were these building blocks from ELC. Of course, the minute you know who saw them, she fell in love with them all over again. Despite the fact they have sat unplayed with in her room for a year. But who I am to stand in the way of some educational enterainment for my daughter that is going to cost me nothing?

Next onto some baking. First up, the bread. I am really impressed with our bread maker. The bread is lovely and comes out so fresh and warm. Of course, it does not last as long because it doesn't have all the nasties in it but it lasts a day or so which is all it really needs to in this house.

Then some "fun" baking. These are new to me and are called Chocolate Wheaties. They have about 5 weetbix in them so I tell myself they're healthy. I will definately bake these again.

And finally, just before I go for the school pick up I can sit and read a book. I have quite a few from the library at the moment. Can you sense a theme here???? I am so impulsive like that, when I find a new thing, I jump in with both feet. Next week I could be into elephant farming, who knows?

Hope you've all had a good day too.



Debbie said...

A day to yourself to do what you want with no interruptions...bliss.
The recipe for the healthy :0) choc wheaties would be, if you don't mind.
You have got a lot done today and it feels so good doesn't it?

libby said...

Sounds like a lovely day - I love home days. And I too would love the recipe :-).