Saturday, February 27, 2010

Under the Kitchen Sink

I had a couple of things I had put aside to repurpose. Firstly, I had some old towels that were too threadbare to use so I decided to cut them into squares, hem them and pop them under the sink to use in place of paper towel where it is appropriate. I even had a little Ikea container hanging around to put them into.

Some polar fleece pajamas that used to belong to Rhianna. Apparently they are fabulous for dusting. So I cut the pajamas into as many small rectangles as I could get from the fabric. Now I can throw out all those old, odd socks I have been using for years.

This is the cupborad under the sink. It's such a boring little cupboard which is why it's so neglected. Look at the mess and look at the plastic bags. So very naughty. I pulled these out and took them all to my local IGA which recycles them and then I bought some biodegradable bin linens. Apart from the bin liners there are to be no more plastic bags coming into this house.

This is the after shot. New dusters and "paper towels" in place.

I then stuck some environmental reminders on the pipes under the sink to remind me and everybody else in the family that we are no longer a plastic bag family.


libby said...

Looks like a good job done. I too try not to get any plastic bags - horrible things. The only use I do find for them is picking up after the dogs and for the uniform shop I run at school. So at least the odd one I get does get reused. I often end up buying extra bags when shopping just to avoid getting plastic - I then use them for donation bags - dropping off the bag and the contents.


Going Green for Mimi said...

Great idea for the towels. I cannot believe how many papers towels my family went through (and how much they cost). I did something similar and stored them under the sink; however, I moved them to a new spot because they started to smell like the products I use to clean my house. Uck! :)

Gypsy said...

Just found your blog ... loving it. What a great looking cupboard you have now. Paper towels and plastic bags and pretty much banned around here too ... although Hubby insists on paper towels for cleaning the BBQ! Eye roll ...