Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Sustainable am I so far?

I've probably been making conscious decisions to be more sustainable (and organic) for about a year now. So I decided to do a daily "audit" to see where there may be room for improvement.

I started the day with a strawberry smoothie. The milk and honey are organic and the strawberries were grown in my backyard. Pretty good so far. Hehe....
Dropped Rhianna at school. I really should be walking her to school or riding our bikes but there is a big hill between our place and the school and I am too lazy to tackle it in the mornings. I will challenge myself to start walking her to and from school 2 days a week starting from next week.

Was heading out for the day so made myself a hot chocolate to go. No bought coffees for me!
Saving money and the planet - so proud!!!!!!
Headed to Castle Hill - about a 40 minute drive. We still have a P.O box there for the business and we really should transfer to one closer to home but the expense of doing this and the hassle of lost mail has made us reluctant. Besides which, it's a great excuse to catch up with my old Castle Hill friends. So, driving for 40 minutes is not such a sustainable practice when there is an alternative. Can't go to castle Hill without some retail therapy.......

...luckily, they have one of the best op shops around. Found a pair of cargo pants for Rhianna, a novel for me and a new black handbag. $9 all up and all recycled stuff. And you thought I'd go to David Jones!

Next up, lunch with my best friend Natalie who lives in the very next suburb. I try to combine errands and social catch ups where I can to save making too many trips down there. I think that qualifies as trying to be sustainable.

Natalie and I spend some time on the computer trying to organise a Yulefest weekend away for July. We decide on a place called Lavender Manor. It's at Blackheath so we're supporting local business and not travelling to Canada to experience a white Xmas (very sustainable). And doesn't the cosy loungeroom look like just the sort of room you'd want to drink eggnog in.

Home again and time to put my feet up. I have a coffee and a quick flick through a library book I got yesterday. Boy this book looks terrific. Has so much info in it. Might have to buy this one.

I finally got around to organising the 2 classes I want to do this year. The first class is learning to crochet and I start next week. This will be a very sustainable activity if I can produce gift quality items. And to all my real life friends I apologise in advance for the items you may receive this year for your birthday or Christmas. (LOL)

The second class I am starting won't be till April but it's a Creative Writing Course. I have done a lot of writing over the years and now have a couple of good novel ideas floating around in my head but have no idea how to develop characters or even begin really. So I am really looking forward to starting this later in the year.

Dinner tonight is a lasagne I made yesterday using all the organic goodies I had purchased. One of our goals is not to buy take away this year so I plan ahead as much as possible. I knew I'd be tired this afternoon after being out all day so I made the meal for tonight yesterday. I did cover it with gladwrap though - very naughty.....

Well all things considered I'd have to give myself a B- for my overall efforts today. Doing O.K but some room for improvement.


Debbie said...

I think you are doing really well...good on you!

Jane said...

Good work!
I love that particular Vinnies - that's where I bought a big bag of mobilo for $2 many years ago :).
The book looks good - I might have to check that one out.

Vanessa said...

Hi Jane,
I never fail to find good stuff here and the one at Baulkham Hills is good too.