Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Autumn

Hooray, it's the first day of Autumn. Ignore the date at the top of this post. The computer has a mind of its own. I have a couple of unrelated things to blog about today so don't try and find a theme there isn't one. LOL

It's Monday again and that means Meatless Monday. On the menu tonight is Cheese souffle. Of course we have it with a bit of salad to "green" things up.

Over the weekend I had to work REALLY hard to keep plastic bags out of the house. Every retail person on the planet wants to put your purchases in a plastic bag.

The average use of a plastic bag is less than an hour and they take over 2000 years to break down in landfill. So, I've been saying No, No, No all over the place. For the bags I have already, I am taking them to be recycled at my local supermarket. IGA provides a bin to put them in and I'm using cloth bags wherever I can.

I have some in the car and some on the wall near the front door for if I walk to the shops.

The white one was my grandmother's and was crocheted about 60 years ago and the "Iconic" one was a present from my sister in law for Xmas this year.

You might remember that I belong to another site called Simple Savings whereby people help each other save money (in theory anyway). Each month this year they are having a challenge. For March, it is adopt a tip month. That means that each day I have to implement a new tip from their site that either saves me time or money or effort.

So I looked through all their tips and found 31 that I will implement through March that have some relevence to myself and my family.

A nice easy one for the first day of March is to put a clean Chux underneath your vegetables in your crisper. It absorbs moisture and therefore extends the life of your vegetables. Sounds good to me.


libby said...

Mmm...cheese souffle...hope you're planning to share the recipe. Looks and sounds delicious. Still not sure what I'm doing for dinner tonight!
I'm about to tackle tidying my recipe folder so maybe I'll find some inspiration.


Debbie said...

Your souffle looks great I have never made one. You are doing well with you plastic bags and yes all the shops seem to want to put everything in plastic. i put an old teatowel or handtowel in my crisper and it works well.

Vanessa said...

Dinner was lovely thanks Libby and Debbie. That's a good Tip Debbie about using old handtowels etc. I'll remember that.