Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Management Folder
After many, many years of running around like a headless chook trying to keep track of everything that is happening in our house and the life of our family, I created a Home Management Folder.

It lives on the kitchen bench for easy access for everybody in the family (not just me) and its creation has been a Godsend.

Here's how I put it together.

It's a big white folder with open clear plastic sleeves at the front and back.
I've quickly scrapped a front cover for it.

At the very front is a plastic, zipped case for all the important pens, calculator etc. People who take these things and do not put them back are burned at the stake.

Next is the Yearly Calendar. It has large squares for each day so I know what's happening and when.

I belong to a website and forum called Simple Savings. One of their freebies is a printable calendar for each year. This year, each month has a "savings" challenge. February was the No Spend Challenge. As you complete the challenge each day you tick it off. As you can see I have ticked no days in February because I have participated in unnecessary spending every day so far. I don't think I'm ever going to be the Simple Savings poster girl!!!!

Another plastic envelope that I hole punched to put into the folder full of blog ideas. I really hope you and I live to 100, as every day I find about 10 new things I can blog about.

This is a folder for Rhianna's life and all associated paperwork. She really could do with a folder of her own...

Another plastic envelope that's hole punched and in here I keep all receipts that come into the house. If, after a couple of weeks I haven't needed to return anything I either file them or toss them.

I love to dream about holidays and getting away so this is the folder that has lots of ideas for family holidays and day trips to places and events. I tend to rip info from our local papers and magazines and I go through it every week to see if there is something coming up on the weekend that might be fun to do.

This is the back cover which Rhianna begged me to decorate. It's a picture of me (of course) with my tiara on - because believe me, I AM the queen of this house. I also have on my blue "dancing" shoes. I've never owned a pair of blue shoes in my life but Rhianna thinks it's time I did.



libby said...

Love your home management folder. I have one too but I love the plastic folders for just slipping things into. I'll have to get myself some of those - thanks for the idea.


Vickie said...

Great idea for being organized! I am SO in need of organization - good job!

Vanessa said...

Thanks ladies, your comments mean a lot.