Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bunch of Nothings

Here are some random things happening around here lately:

Going to the library (also doubles as my SS tip of the day) Don't buy books if you can get them from the library. This week's reading pictured below.
I got this craft idea off the net. It's my Dad's birthday on the weekend so I made him some "special" tea bags - except they're coffee bags cause he doesn't drink tea and he gets to see his grandaughter jiggle with every cup he has.
We got rid of the microwave. We rarely used it and Bill and I both have some real issues with how the heating process changes the molecular structure of the food. Plus I just wanted the extra bench space.
Rhianna can't believe we would just give something away for no good reason (as she sees it).

But Bill takes it to work as someone there is sure to grab it.

Also loving my friend Bec's new baby. 11 week old Erin is just adorable and so cuddly to hold.
Thanks for lunch Bec and letting me cuddle and kiss your gorgeous new baby

And there you have it, a whole bunch of nothings happening here today.


Debbie said...

Love the tea bags would never have thought of that. Who doesn't love a cute baby?

Michelle said...

me too - would love to make some (teabags that is, made enough cute babies already) - tell me more!!

twisted soul said...

I'm another who'd like to know more about the coffee/tea bags. I think it's such a great novelty my kids grandparents would certainly enjoy them. Do tell us how you made them please :o)