Saturday, March 27, 2010


The first birthday party of the year for Rhianna today. It was for a little boy in her class at school. I racked my brain trying to think of a home made gift for a 6 year old boy but I just couldn't come up with anything that wasn't a bit lame. Hence a trip to Toys R US. Does anybody have a suggestion for next time?

A lovely friend named Michelle has taken on the challenge to teach me to crochet. We started last week while our daughters were at dance class. Below I present one hours worth of crochet. Unfortunately, my dog Finn got hold of the ball of wool this crochet was attached to and had his own attempt.

Sorry Michelle, I owe you one ball of wool.

Rhianna decided to recycle the remains of the wool into "spaghetti cupcakes" - Close your eyes now Michelle.

This is my food waste for this week. Again with the shallots. They are the bane of my existence.

Dinner tonight - seafood vol-au-vents. We've been doing these for years and we all love them.

Hope everybody is enjoyong their weekend.


Debbie said...

Your crocheting looks fine to me you are doing a great job....the
vol-au-vents look yummy too.

libby said...

Guess what I'll be making for dinner this week - funnily enough I actually picked a packet of vol a vents last week but put them back on the shelf :-).
Glad you've got a new crochet teacher - if I can work it out it can't be that hard :-). I'm very proud that I've finally worked out the granny square - after a couple of attempts. You just need to right teacher and technique.


Anonymous said...

Shallots used to be wasted in my home too, until my gardener dad suggested keeping a pot of soil outside, and just putting them in the soil until you need a shallot.
He has been doing it for years, and no waste!
Non Consumer Girl

Michelle said...

Happy to be 'right teacher' for you Ness - see, you are NOT remedial! And I love the spaghetti cupcakes - well worth a ball of wool! Maybe you could try baking them for real this week?
Can't you just ditch the shallots?

Debra K said...

Vanessa, Definitely try putting your shallots in a pot of soil, outside your kitchen or somewhere handy, they will continue to grow, and you can then just pick what you need, and you won't need to buy anymore, I haven't bought shallots for about 10 years, just from 1 plant...the crocheting looks good...keep plodding along, I find it very relaxing...