Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Vegie Victory

Another new recipe for tonight's dinner. I found this recipe in a magazine I was reading this week. They are vegetable pasties. Basically you steam up lots of vegetables, give a light mash, add some tasty cheeese and wrap it in the shortcrust pastry. Pop them in the oven and that's it. They were beautiful. Even Rhianna ate them and they were full of all the vegies she normally turns her nose up at.

It's also about 2 weeks now and Broc hasn't noticed the lack of red meat.

Last time I was doing the parenting thing (with my 18 year old son) I was also working full time as a teacher. That meant I was always rushing, yelling and tired. This time around with Rhianna, I have the luxury of being a stay at home mum.

And that means I can participate in everything going at the school. I do reading in the classroom, fete committee etc, and Rhianna gets to enjoy all the extra school activities like last nights school disco.

Don't you just love the outfit? She co-ordinated it herself.


Debbie said...

Will try those pasties...quick and easy. The outfit looks good :0)

Debra K said...

Hi Vanessa,
I have just come across your site through another couple of sites I stumbled across. I actually can't believe how similar we are... even down to children etc, I have a 19 year old son, 17 yr old daughter and 6 year old daughter who is in year 1C at her school, loves craft and anything that involves making a mess...I too love craft and have recently become a stay at home mum, and after 6 months of being at home I am finally starting to actually get into a routine, have started sewing and classes again, do scrapbooking, cardmaking and have just started jewellery making. I have been a member of simple savings for a couple of years now also. I keep a blog which I have only recently started at as a way of being more accountable to myself and I am finding this is really helping me get back on track. I look forward to reading your blog... thanks, I have already picked up a couple of great ideas from your blog... Deb :)

libby said...

Love Rhianna's outfit - so fitting for a disco with the twrily top :-).
Dinner looks delicious AGAIN - guess I need to buy some puff pastry this week :-).


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this blog?

I found it the other day and all of the food looks amazing. He has several vegetarian, seafood and side dishes.