Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Trip to Katoomba

After such a hectic week, I was really looking forward to a nice quiet Saturday at home. But last night my 18 year old son asked if we could have a day out - just the two of us.
We decided on Katoomba. For those not familiar with the area, we live at Blaxland which is at the base of the mountains and Katoomba is at the top of the mountains. It's about a 40 minute drive - a very pleasant drive through the mountain roads. The whole vibe at Katoomba is very alternative and hippie. A bit like Byron Bay - without the surfies obviously. I apologise for the quality of the photos, they were taken on Broc's phone. We forgot the camera.

I was very happy to go as I wanted to check out the Katoomba food co-op. It sells lots of organic items and fresh produce and has lots of bulk foods to purchase. Because I had no real plan of what I was buying and I was a bit stunned by the amount of stuff, I just purchased some organic popcorn, apples and some organic cinnamon. Things I know I would definately use this week.. You can join the food co-op and get a reduction on your purchases so I will think about doing that - it would be very worth it.
This is me outside the co-op

After the co-op we went to my favourite cafe - The Paragon. If you ever get to Katoomba it is the "must do" cafe. It is real old world decor and scrummy food. We had the ploughmans plate and the ice cream sundae. Yum, yum.

Next, off to check out the hippie stores. You know the ones that sell incense, tie dyed shirts and lots of trinket boxes with elephants on them. Broc wanted me to buy this hat for Winter. Maybe in my next life.......

After walking around the rest of the shops we had a little drive down to The Three Sisters which is the main tourist attraction at Katoomba. Amazingly, we got a car spot right near the sisters. We got out to take a look and a photo. It was beautiful weather up there and not too crowded. We decided we'd go back another weekend soon to go on one of the bush walks.

I love spending time with my son and am so pleased that he still likes to do stuff with me. He wouldn't consent to being in any photos as he knows they were destined for my blog. We laughed our heads off most of the day like a couple of little kids and really enjoyed each others company. It's great when your kids get to an age when they are more your friends than anything else. I'm very lucky.


Debbie said...

Seems like we all went for a drive today and I also forgot my camera and used my old phone. A day out occasionally is good.

Vanessa said...

Absolutely Debbie and your book is on its way.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you had a day with your older son.

I hope my daughter still wants to spend the day with me when she is a teenager.

I have been to the Paragon years ago, and remember that it was like stepping back in time!

Non Consumer Girl

libby said...

All I can say is that you must be one fantastic Mum if your teenage boy wants to hang out with you! Looks like you had a fun day out. I haven't been to the Blue Mountains in 8 years (Christy was just a baby). Will definitely need to try and plan another trip.