Monday, March 22, 2010

Crafting (again)

It's controlled chaos here today. I have my usual chores to do as well as doing some fete craft and my own personal projects. Here was the sight that greeted me as I walked back through the door after dropping Miss R at school. It made me tired just looking at it.

I've only made 4 wheat bags so far as I haven't shown the other girls on the craft committee yet. If they think they look OK I'll make a few more.

Here is the clipboard with pad and ribbons. I'll be keeping the original for myself. And I'll definately be making some for Xmas. I just had a funny vision of my sister in law who is a bigwig for Microsoft walking through the building carrying one of these...maybe not.....

And these are the mini versions of the clipboard - just the right size for a post it note pad. You could stick some magnetic strips on the back and hang it on your fridge too I suppose.

Just a close up

What's everybody else up to today?


Debbie said...

Those clipboards are a great idea, I will add them to my to-do list.
A couple will come in handy around here

Michelle said...

You have been busy! They look great x

Emma Clark said...

I so wish my kitchen table looked like that when I got home !!! At least it would mean I had been crafting!!! I am having withdrawals LOL