Saturday, March 27, 2010

IKEA Madness

Last week my friend Julie and I had a day out at IKEA. And I do say a day out, because we were there for over 4 hours. Now, I know this blog is about non-consumerist pursuits but I have no hanging space in this house and Rhianna desperately needed a wardrobe. (Of course that doesn't explain the other 47 things I bought......)

First we picked up a bag for our goodies, little did we realise that we'd leave with 2 trolley fulls.

Trying before NOT buying

Julie finds some exciting accessories in the cupboards of the display kitchens.

I purchased the new wardrobe without thinking how it was going to fit into Julie's car. Doh!!!!!

After much manouevering we had it slanted from the back to the front of the car. Unfortunately that meant I had to sit scrunched up in the back seat on the kids car seats with my legs hanging through to the front of the car.

This was my view on the way home

Not comfy Jan

After all that trouble here it is. $150 well spent.

Has anybody else braved the IKEA store at Homebush recently?


libby said...

That's too funny Vanessa! I went to that store once but while I love their stuff I hate the whole feel of the store - honestly I couldn't get out of there fast enough. We had picked up a few things to buy but there were such long lines we just left the things in the end. Not a fun experience for me.
The wardrobe looks great though.


Debbie said...

I haven't been there yet but I will one day...when I have heaps of money to spend :0)

Michelle said...

the cupboard looks great! I can't believe how many photos you took in Ikea! looks like you had fun!