Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wheat Bags and Worm Farms
I mentioned a few blogs ago that I am on the school fete committee this year. It's my first time as a parent and its interesting so far. Our class (1C) is in charge of the craft stall. There about 6 Mums in our class who are very interested in craft so we've formed a craft committee to source stock for our stall. We've asked the rest of the Year 1 mums for donations of craft items or resources but at this stage it looks like we are going to be making a lot of the items ourselves.

I've decided to make one item (x10) per month. For March it's going to be wheat bags that you heat up in the microwave. Here is the first one below.

This very unattractive looking item is my worm farm. I've had it for a year now and it's taken that long to really get going.

For those that aren't sure how it works: You put food scraps in the top (except meat, onion and citrus) and the worms eat it. It stops an awful lot of food going into landfill and you get the added reward of worm tea which drips out the bottom of the baskets.

Here is my worm tea ready to go. You dilute the tea 1:10 with water and water your plants and garden with it. It's packed full of nutrients and out plants are thriving. It takes no effort at all and I personally love to vist my worms each day and feed them our scraps.


Emma Clark said...

They look awesome!!!!!! You have done such a nice job. I am sure they will sell like hot cakes. You may need to do these for a couple of months x 10 LOL

Vanessa said...

Thanks Emma. I know that we will have lots of lovely things to sell as everybody on the craft committee is so talented - like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Wheat bags are a great idea as a school fete item.

I used my wheat bag when I went into labour!

Non Consumer Girl

Vanessa said...

Yes, NCG - I use them at that time of the month and during Winter to keep warm.