Sunday, March 28, 2010

One of My Dreams

Do you ever wonder where you might be 20 years from now? I do, all the time!

When I was about 20 I used to think I would end up living overseas - maybe Paris. I would paint all day long and eat cheese and chocolate all night. Of course, I never thought of how I was going to finance all this but still......

Now I am 41 and I have a different vision of where I would like to be at say, 65. The kids will (hopefully) have left home and Bill and I will only have ourselves to consider. I hope that Bill will be retired by then and that the world is our oyster.

After being a little beach bunny all my life I can't believe I am saying this but I don't think I would like to move back to the coast. We love the mountains, the whole feel and the sense of community here is great. However, we'd like to move up further into the mountains. At the moment we live at the bottom. We'd like to ideally move closer to the top and really enjoy all the seasons of the year. And yes, we do like snow.

I'd like to live in a house like this
And if I can't have property then I'd like to be in a house like this
Here, I would grow fruit trees, bake and craft all day long and rescue puppies from the pound
Then I will wear this shirt so people know not to mess with me and all my dogs.

Where would you all like to be in 20 years time?


Snickerdoodle said...

Hmm interesting question. That would make me 50... so by then the kids will be close to leaving home and I'd like to think that we would own our home and have enough savings to take an extended vacation overseas.

Work wise, I'd hope that I'd finally gotten enough guts to work for myself doing something crafty!

Vanessa said...

Snickerdoodle, I'm sure you could start out small with your craft..say, a stall at the local markets. I know I am thinking along those lines.

Linda said...

I pictured you much younger than 41, I am 46. So 20 years puts me at 66, which is close to my mother's age.

My husband will be 77 somewhere near his parents current age. Yes we were both eldest children.

We love the mountains too, but finding it very inconvenient where we live. I wish someone would decide for me. I wish I was good at business we could buy a post office or something so when he retired I could have a job as I am not working atm.

Angela said...

I'll take Paris and cheese and chocolate! I'll be 68 - OMG.

My husband and I are writers, so we'll never completely retire because we love to write! But what I would love for our older years is to live somewhere in California (I'm a California girl at heart, don't think I could leave full time) with a really nice guest room or guest cottage. Friends from all over would come and visit us and we'd visit our friends all over the world in THEIR guest house, for weeks at a time. A perfect way to travel and see friends at the same time. All we have to do is make sure we end up with that guest house.

Vanessa said...

Yep, a PO is the way to go definately.
Angela - if you ever get out to Aus in 20 years time - look us up. (and hopefully visa versa)