Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Girl who knew Better.

About 5 years ago when I first moved to Sydney we lived in an apartment block and it was here that I met Shoshannah. She was my neighbour and quite quickly became my good friend. She had a daughter, Heidi and we would often babysit each other kids only having to pop to the apartment next door to drop them off . It was fabulous. It was like Melrose Place.

Sho was right into organic food and cosmetics at that time. She had been a model and I just thought "organics" were a fad thing those "model types" did. Sho would drag me all over Sydney to different Organic supermarkets and cosmetic places. She would shop and I would tap my foot, mind the kids and look longingly at the other shops across the street.

Sho would often invite Rhianna and I over for lunch where we would enjoy organic meals but again, I kind of did it to humour her. She once told me that I had my head well and truly in the sand if I was feeding my family non-organic food and putting Sunsilk on Rhianna's head at night.

Sho, you were right.

I had my head in the sand.

You are not a crazy, eating-disordered model.

You are a woman who had her head screwed on from the beginning.

I apologise for every time I ever laughed at your organic "creations".

Please come visit for a meal with us soon - so I can show you how far out of the sand my head has emerged.

Shoshannah - eating organic and racing cars


Jane said...

Great post, Ness.
I would love to know your favourite websites for researching organics, be it food, cleaning products, beauty products etc.

Vanessa said...

I'll do a post very soon Jane.