Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday Happenings

The knitting is coming along nicely. I have decided to make Rhianna a full sized single bed blanket. I guesstimate that it's going to take about 64 squares and so far I have done 3. But I am really enjoying it and an added bonus is that it stops me picking at food late at night. If I'm lucky enough to still be awake after everybody else then I just pick up my knitting while I watch T.V. And you can't knit and nibble - it's just not possible.
The squares start to pile up

Well, I have finally accepted it. I am not a camper. I have tried to camp - many times. I have been in tents and caravans and then we bought this camper. I have hated camping, I have endured camping and sometimes I even tolerated camping but I never came close to liking it.
So, in a massive declutter we are selling our camper. Hopefully we'll make enough to enjoy some 5 star hotels sometime soon. Now, that's what I call a holiday.

And this is my Op shop find of the year so far. I found it at an op shop up at Mum's on the Central Coast (Toukley, if you know the area). Being a teacher and having had to buy these for various pre-schools I have worked at, I know they cost about $40-$50. I got this in mint condition for $2. Rhianna is using it in her room for motivation. As you can see motivation is low when you have a slave, I mean, mother like me.

Have a great day everybody.


libby said...

Well done with the knitting - I haven't worked on mine for ages - not since January I don't think.

I'm with you on not liking tenting, but I don't mind caravan holidays - mind you we borrow my Mum & Dad's and it's got all the comforts of home including toilet and shower :-). We tented for many years before we had kids but I'm over it now.


Vanessa said...
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twisted soul said...

Wow, the rewards chart is great. I've never seen a felt/material one. Hmm, the cogs are turning overtime with this one lol.
Hope your camper sells quick. I love camping, we're in the process of building our own camper for the winter months, any other time we tent it.

Vanessa said...

Yes, I'm sure I'd love camping more if we had a caravan with a toilet and shower Libby.

Twisted Soul, I'm sure you could easily make one if you were at all crafty.

Vanessa said...
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