Thursday, March 4, 2010

Food, Food and more Food

This week has seen me doing a lot of baking. I am trying to not buy any more processed "snacks" so that means no more packaged muesli bars, biscuits, cake etc.
Instead I have been baking up a storm. But with a teenage boy in the house and a husband who works a 12 hour manual day the baking disappears as fast as I can churn it out.
This week I have made:
Choc chip cookies

Passionfuit butter cookies

and Raspberry coconut slice

The slice was the biggest hit. It's a recipe I've had since I was 15 and that was probably the last time I made it oo. Eating a piece brought back fond memories of my sister, Karen and myself cooking this at her place.

And because it's Friday I have to blog about my food waste this week. It's quite an unusual food wastage item as you can see. Someone told me you can freeze cream. And its true, you can, but when you defost it, it looks like cottage cheese. It still tastes O.K but you can't whip it once it's been frozen and it just looks too ugly to do anything else with. So I threw it out.

Tip Number 5 from The Simple Savings Challenge.

This tip is on the website but I started doing this about 6 months ago. I have stopped buying soft drink. Any kind, not just diet coke but all carbonated drinks.

They are full of suger, or worse, chemicals. They cost too much for what is essentailly fizzy water and I didn't like how much my 18 year old son was drinking. I also did not want Miss R getting into the habit of drinking it either when she is already so happy with her water.

So out it went.

Now, my 18 year old has a car and a job so he does buy soft drink when he is out but at least I am not encouraging the habit at home. We drink organic milk or organic juice with our breakfast and water with every other meal. And hey, we're even starting to enjoy it.

No More of this - ever!


Linda said...

I find 211 gives me nightmares and a swollen knee, at least I think it is 211. I think we have been throwing out our cream too. I know sour cream makes a nice cake. But unsure about what to do with cream.

Linda said...

Since yours are larger bottles how about this recipe?

Debbie said...

We only have water here too most of the time but I have mix up cordial for those who visit and don't drink water. Which isn't many.
Baking I do every few days as I too have a grown son and who like cakes and biscuits and so do Daryl and I (not that we should) :0)
At least when you bake yourself you know what you are getting.

Going Green for Mimi said...

I was watching the news the other day and they were talking about soft drinks. Apparently, if you drink more than 2 a week, it increases your chance of getting pancreatic cancer. Yikes! Another reason to avoid it.

Michelle said...

Lovely baking! After we have eaten the warm biscuits (or whatever) for morning tea I freeze some ready to pop into lunchboxes. By the time they are eaten you can't tell they were frozen and they are still fresh from the oven! It's the only way I can stop everything being eaten in one day - and the kids love choosing something from the "treat bag" for school.

Michelle said...

oh, and the other thing I do is make double and freeze half the dough in logs to bake another time - with no effort required!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for your comments ladies.
Michelle, I have just done the same thing. I took 10 choc chip cookies and put them in the freezer so after the locusts, erm..I mean guys have eaten their fill, I'll still have 2 a day for Miss R next week for school.

GGFM- Pancreatic Cancer? -I'd believe it. We all feel so much better for drinking the water.

Debbie - with my baking I am using organic ingredients as much as possible and I love knowing what is in the food.

libby said...

Yummy...I made chocolate crackles (how unhealthy are those things) and choc chips cookies for Amy's Birthday outing tomorrow. Like you I don't like buy processed biscuits (except for tiny teddies - love those :-) ).
I stopped drinking diet coke after my weight loss surgery and now I can't stand the taste!