Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Third Simple Savings Tip

My third SS tip for the month is to wipe down the shower each day as you are using it.
The theory is: if you wipe off the soap build up every day from the shower walls then you have less to do when you clean the bathroom as a whole.
I had an old Enjo cloth from years ago that is supposed to be for the bathroom so I just popped that over the rail in the shower and I will wipe down the walls each day either as I am showering or before I hop out.
If you are wondering why I have a rail in my shower stall - the lady who owned the house before us had it installed so she had somewhere to rest her foot when she was shaving her legs.
Now there's a lady with too much time on her hands!


Debbie said...

I do that also but I use a microfibre cloth. Makes cleaning so easy.
I was just wondering how high the towel rail is cause there is no way I could stand and with my foot at waist level long enough to shave my

Vanessa said...

LOL Debbie, No the rail is just under knee height.The old owners showed us through the house before we bought it, as its quite unusual to tell us all about the little quirky things.