Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning (in Autumn!)

Yesterday Bill and I devoted the whole day to doing those yucky household jobs that you put off for weeks and weeks because, well... they're yucky.

The pool area was a mess. Because we have limited storage area in this house, the pool area and our outdoor entertaining area tend to be a dumping ground for large useless items such as art easels and old chairs and pool toys.

So my first job of the morning was to clean up the pool area and get the plants around it looking a bit better.

Then onto the entertaining area. This was a mess and I forgot to take a before photo but here is the end result. I said to Bill, it's crazy us having that huge BBQ now that we are vegetarian. I suppose we could still do BBQ fish and vegies but I prefer to do fish on my healthy grill as it doesn't dry the fish out.

That black torture rack looking thing is a back stretcher. You strap yourself in and then it inverts you and you hang upside down for a while. It's fabulous if you have a back problem.

Here's my good friend Julie, having a turn on Friday night. She's a hairdresser and has a bit of a bad back herself. She sure looks like she's not feeling any pain at the moment or maybe it was that Tia Maria she had just before she hopped on. In any case, she's having a fine old time now.

I just wanted to show you the windows I cleaned - with vinegar and on old towel. It's such a satisfying job to complete as the whole house sparkles.

Although I won't miss the hot weather, its kinda sad when Summer comes to an end and you realise that days spent in the pool are over, friends over for all night BBQ's are finished and little swimmers have to be packed away for the Winter. But I do love Autumn. And now it's time to get to work on my Winter activities.


Debbie said...

It feels good to have the place clean and tidy......your windows are sparkling :0)

libby said...

Well done. I should have done our pool area during the week but put it off. Because there's still a lot of house building going on around us it just get so dusty it's disgusting.'ve actually inspired me to go out and sweep at least (I'll leave the rest till another day).


libby said...

Just wanted to let you know I did indeed go and sweep and after lunch I plan to go and sit outside for a while :-). Thanks!