Monday, April 19, 2010

Aren't Mums Handy?

Rhianna and I have just come back from a few days with my Mum and Dad. My Mum is very crafty too, so as you can imagine the house turned into craft central pretty much as soon as we got there. Dad left the house 10 minutes after that. Haha.

Here's Rhianna hard at work making some cards.

We found some child sized knitting needles in an antique shop at Lawson and the holidays seemed like the perfect time to learn to knit. Rhianna that is, not me. Much patience was required on my part not to take over and to avoid commenting on the many holes that kept appearing.

Mum showed me how to "sew" my knitted squares together to start forming my blanket. As this is my first knitting project I am quite pleased with how it is turning out.

And while at Mum's, I spotted this in the local Coles supermarket. It's an organic conditioning body wash and shampoo for kids. If you're interested it's in the body wash/ soap section of Coles and it was $3.99 which is pretty good as the container is a decent size.

Have a good week everybody.


Debbie said...

It is the best age to teach someonr to knit....I was about Rhiannas age when I learnt and I might not have done knitting continuously but you can still pick it back up :0)

Jane said...

I bought that same body wash/shampoo for my girls the other week! And the organic shampoo in the same brand.
Loving it.

libby said...

We've got the organic hair detangler.