Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Junk Mail

As most of you know I am a nazi recycler. I recycle absolutely everything that I can. I even recycle the little tags off the end of teabags. Well, every little bit helps. We have our recycling basket behind the bar as our kitchen is way too small for normal rubbish AND recycling.

In recent times I have had to upgrade to a bigger basket as it gets full quite quickly. And that led me to thinking about all the junk mail that is going in there. Specifically, I am talking about catalogues and store brochures.

Now I love my catalouges as much as the next girl. I love to see what's on special at Target this week and what are the good food specials at Coles and IGA.

But you don't need to fill your letterbox with a tree to look at these catalogues. You can go to and read them all on there. They even have some I don't normally get delivered so it was quite exciting all round. Then the next thing you have to do is put a NO JUNK MAIL sticker on your letter box. Of course I have sourced a free one of those for you as well. Just ring the Distribution Standards Board on 1800 676 136 and they will send you a free No JUNK MAIL sticker. There, all sorted.

Here is one lady who desperately needs a free sticker

Happy recycling everybody.


Debbie said...

I will have to ring that number and get a sticker as we have heaps of junk mail each week...but the people that deliver ours throw them from their car so I don't know whether it will work

Vanessa said...

Debbie, if you have a sticker it is then against the law for them to give you junk mail and the company whose mail is delivered can be fined. I'll post the number to do that when I find it again.

Michelle said...

Good idea Ness! My kids love to pour over them for more things they 'really want' - much better without that temptation!

Michelle said...

what about the 3 local papers that come each week?? - I only read one if any, the rest go straight in the recycling. What a waste

Vanessa said...

Oh no Michelle, I love the local papers I read all of them. How else can I find out what areas the robbers are targeting this week?

Emma said...

Hi Vanessa,
I love getting catalogues in the mail but have started checking as I can put in what I need and it tell me what store has it on special, saves the temptation of buying things I dont really need. Also some how we need to ensure the company delivering the catalogues is responsible in disposing of the leftovers. They still print the same ammount of catalogues and its up the deliver to dispose of them. Lets hope they are recycling!!!