Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Bits and Pieces

So excited to receive my free lamp from buysterlighting . I love it and it fits into our house so nicely. Now in the family room we have some nice muted light after dinner instead of glaring down lights shining on us.

It looks so nice next to our new retro lounge

I was given all thes lemons by a friend last week and I have been staring at them ever since wondering what to do with them.......hmmmmm

Then inspiration struck in my new Julie Goodwin cookbook. Lemon Diva Cupcakes. I will be giving these a go on the weekend. I have plenty of people visiting this long weekend so it will be nice to have something homemade and delicious to offer them.

My friend Linda made this cute little notepad in one of her cardmaking classes. Just the right size to pop in your handbag. I love how she was able to match the cardstock to the colour of the pen.Thanks Linda.

And on the inside, some of those handy post-it notes.

I'm having an absolutely lovely week this week and hope you are too.


Linda said...

I am expecting a delivery from Buyster as well, it should be nearly here.

Vanessa said...

What did you buy Linda? I'd love to see it.

libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

Love the lamp and can't wait to hear how the cupcakes turn out. They look delicious and I have a tree full of lemons going a lovely shade of yellow :-). Amy likes to make lemonade when we have a glut of them.