Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Setback
I may be out of action on here for a little while as I have had an accident. In trying to put down the trundle bed in Miss R's room, I got my little finger caught and squashed it.

It's the most pain I've been in for a long time. Rhianna was hysterical as I ran around the room screaming. Later on she told me she was upset, not because I was injured, but because she thought I'd lost my finger and she didn't want a Mum who only had 9 fingers.

Even in all my agony I had to laugh!


Anonymous said...


Get better soon. It looks like its your left hand, so hopefully not your writing hand..

This means you will be blogging slower. Does this mean we will have to read slower? lol

Non Consumer Girl

libby said...

Oh, dear. Hope it's still not too sore.