Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nature Nurturing
I've been reading a lot lately about how important it is to get kids out of the house, away from all the screens and back into nature. With that in mind, and the weather being beautiful again we headed up to Wentworth Falls.

First stop was the park where there are lots of good things to climb on. Gotta love that appropriate footwear.

No nature adventure is worth its salt without ducks

There's a terrific walking path around the lake. Here we are setting off.

After crossing the little bridge Miss R tries her hand at some graffiti, I mean.....stick drawing.

No matter what I tried to bribe him with, Bill would not let his feet leave the ground.

The track around the lake is beautiful, cool with the overhanging trees and most importantly for a 6 year old in boots - flat!

While Bill and I decide which house we'd like to buy in this gorgeous street - Rhianna takes a very unflattering photo of my bottom.

The best part about today was that we all had such a nice time and it did not cost a cent.
And the Easter Bunny did visit amid much excitement which was another good reason to get out and active today. Hope everybody had a lovely day - I know we did.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you walking down the street with your husband arm around each other..

I can almost feel the autumn chill in the mountain air in your photos..

Non Consumer Girl

Vanessa said...

Yes there was a definate chill in the air - lovely for walking.

Debbie said...

Days out like that are just so much fun and when they don't cost a lot it is even better :0)

libby said...

Looks like a fun day out. I think this a great time of year for walking - not too hot and not too cold. Love the photo of you and Bill - so sweet!