Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loving Larsson and Lipton

One thing I've stopped buying in the past year is soft drink. As well as being rubbish for your waistline and teeth it's also bad for the environment. A litre bottle of soft drink uses 30 litres of water in production. Instead we are drinking lots of cold water in summer and lots of hot tea and coffee from here through till spring.

Now everybody knows tea tastes better in a nice cup. In a little antique store the other day I found this adorable cup. The art work is by Carl Larsson. The Larsson trust has allowed a very small percentage of his gorgeous works to by used for commercial purposes.

I love the little tea strainer inside and I really like the little ceramic lid that keeps my tea warm as I wander around the house. Too cute!!!!


libby said...

Love the cup. I have quite a few nice coffee cups but I need a good sized one for my tea - my current favs are the ones from Starbucks (when I can find them). I like the idea of the lid but my tea never lasts that long :-).


Vanessa said...

i find with the band that I can't drink a full cup in one sitting. especially in the morning. When I use the lid, I can afford to sip more slowly.

Vickie said...

I've never seen a cup with that little strainer - that's so cute! I used to drink hot tea, perhaps I need to start back! I miss it!

Snickerdoodle said...

Oooh that is adorable. It makes me want to start drinking more tea and also look in antique stores! I especially love that little lid! How divine!