Monday, April 19, 2010

The Smile Challenge.
When you embark on a lifestyle change you start to realise that progress does not come in huge leaps and bounds. It comes in small one degree changes. You baby step your way to a new life and mindset. Every little action becomes part of a bigger picture.

Today you will probably take a shower - maybe 10 minutes of your time (4, if you're good and have a timer in there with you, hehe) but over the course of your life you will spend 6,000 hours in that little cubicle. You will also eat 1200 chickens and buy 678,740 consumable "things". So little things can have a huge impact - even just by little old me (or you).

One thing I'm into, and this is going to sound a bit weird, is smiling at strangers. I really like it when the stranger looks grumpy. If I go for a walk I say hi to every person I walk past - even if they have headphones on. If I am being served by somebody in a shop I smile at them first before I start talking. And mostly people respond in the positive. I mean, some people smile straight back at you, some people nod or smirk but usually there is some response.

But then I met the lady from the drycleaners/newagents at the end of my street. She aint smilin' at no-one - for any reason.

Now normally, I would then refuse to go back to that shop as the service, and lets face it, the atmosphere is less than desirable. But not this time. I am making it my personal mission to get a friendly response from this lady.

Everytime I go in and I remark what lovely weather it is - she keeps her poker face firmly on. I then pay my money and as I leave I say "Have a nice day/ weekend/ evening". No response. But I will not give up. I actually enjoy the challenge - strange little creature that I am. And when she does smile, when she finally cracks open that sour faced shell of a face I may just give her a hug.


Debbie said...

Keep it Vanessa......she will smile
I had a lady at the local servo like that and everyone used to say she was arrogant and rude but she now talks to me and smiles. No one will believe me that she is actually nice :0)

Michelle said...

hahaha - love the photo. You make ME smile Ness!

Vanessa said...

You're too easy to make smile Michelle because you're so nice - no challenge at all!!!!!! LOL

Debbie, yes I am convinced she must have smiled at least once as she wears a wedding ring. LOL

Emma said...

Oh Vanessa that was such a LOL moment for me!!!!! Good luck with getting the lady to smile. I have it on good authority it has happened but only once !!!!

Rockzann said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one in the world smiling at strangers! It makes me feel better and I like to think it makes the other person wonder where on earth they have seen me before--HA!

Keep it up!!

Vanessa said...

Emma, Thanks for your comment but what the hell are you doing up at 1.58am?

Rockzann - I have bookmarked your blog as I haven't come across it before. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.