Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Few New Loves

Don't you just love it when someone gives you a gift for no reason. Well, I do. Yesterday one of my lovely new friends, Emma surprised me with this card making tool (on the right). She then further surprised me by lending me this fantastic book all about vinegar and its wonderful uses.
You see she sometimes reads my blog and thought this was something I might be interested in reading. Umm... yes please. Thanks Emma. I wish there were more people like you in the world and that I was one of them.

Going through my scrapbook stash the other day, I started to feel mighty guilty about the amount of scrapbooking supplies I have for somebody who has not produced a layout in about 6 months.

So I got to work. These two pages are in their early stages but I felt a great relief that I can again say with pride "Yes, I scrap."

Do you remember what it's like to fall in love? The thrill of seeing your beloved for the very first tim? well, I felt it all again today - at the newsagents.

I am a magazineaholic and these, dear readers are my new drug of choice. Peppermint and Frankie. Another blogger got me onto these 2 magazines and I am loving them. If you love your craft with a good deal of kitsch thrown in - have a look at these next time you are at the shops.

And in the mail today, some welcome junk mail. My new Cath Kidson magazine from the UK. I am having a bit of a moment lately with everything British - (think tea and toast and woolly cardigans). I just applied for this online and a few weeks later here it is. All things Cath Kidson - very drool worthy over a cup of Earl Grey.

Rhianna decided to make some flags with chalk in the backyard. One was an Australian flag. (Rhianna actually wrote this part of today's post herself)

Hope everybody had a good hump day.

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libby said...

Hi Vanessa,

I have one of the bone card folder things are they are great.
I've never heard of the those mags so will check them out. I love British mags like Country Living. And you're a bad girl - now I've gone and requested that catalgue. I keep warning Kevin about all the stuff I'm going to want to bring home with me :-). Great layouts - I find when I haven't done any for a while getting started is the hardest part.